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Chris Clark has been selling Pullman homes for a long time. As the lead selling agent for Copper Basin Construction over the last several years, Chris has a history of getting houses sold quickly at a great price. There are several things that he does differently to help sell homes quickly and efficiently, holding to the motto “List it. Sell it. Get on with your life.”

  1. Pays out of pocket for a home inspection. There are many factors that can wreck a deal, and getting a home inspection eliminates most of them. Usually finding someone to pay for the home inspection is a hassle. This is not the case when Chris lists your home. He pays out of his own pocket for the home inspection just to make sure that nothing will stop the deal from moving forward.
  2. Generates Ownership and Encumbrance report. Chris will verify the title of your property at his expense to make sure the paperwork is filed correctly. This also ensures the deal closes as quickly as possible. You have better things to do then wait for paperwork that was misfiled, and this step ensures you’re not left waiting.
  3. Pays out of pocket for a professional cleaning at closing. Pullman is a small town, and word gets around. When your home closes Chris pays out of his pocket for a professional home cleaning. This ensures your buyers new home is pristine and perfect like a dream home should be and you purchase your new home with Chris, he will pay for your cleaning as well! Its part of the “List it, Sell it, Advantage.”
  4. Pays for professional photography. There is a whole host of tools that Realtors use to sell your home and one of the most important is photography. Most agents will “camera phone” your pictures and call it good. Not Chris Clark! He hires a professional photographer, at his expense, to make sure your home looks amazing. This helps your home sell faster and for more money.
  5. Pays for advertising with all the major search sites. Being a featured agent on Zillow and Trulia is expensive, but it’s part of selling homes quickly and Chris makes sure your homes are immediately on the MLS and listed with all the major search websites. Utilizing technology ensures we use the web as a tool in getting your house sold quickly!
These are just a few of the things that make our listing approach in Pullman different from any other agents. Chris sole focus is helping you sell your home so you can move forward with your life. Overpricing, or not taking care to ensure your homes beauty just stop you from being successful with a sale. Give Chris a call at (509) 432-8222 or fill out the form below. He will be the last agent you interview to sell your home!

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